Crohns and me

Right guys this is my first ever post so you will have to bear with me lol..I’m 33 years old and was diagnosed 4 years ago.

Ever since I was a little girl I can remember always suffering worth bowel trouble,I was in and out of hospital as I used to get bad constipation and always put onto laxatives,I can remember one time in hospital and the nurse made me sit on the toilet until I had done something.god I hated I was getting older things were pretty much the same.

once I got into my teens I suffered a lot and could spend many days lying in bed in shear agony and being sick just to be told I had a “bug”. I had to have my bloods taken for something and it came back that my inflammation levels were raised so I was told come back next month and we will do them again,for some reason this went on for a very long time and nothing was ever done about it.

i can remember going shopping with my husband and I was sitting in the foot well of the car as he was driving crying my eyes out and screaming with pain.we went home and phoned for the GP